Named after my Grandfather Harry, Harry's Burrito’s has been making San Francisco Mission District-style Burritos and dishes, as well as an assortment of Cal/Mex-inspired fare, since 1987. The inspiration for Harry’s dates all the way back to the late 1970s, when I was an art student living in San Francisco on a shoestring budget.  For my friends and me, Burritos were the perfect meal to keep us happy and fed while not breaking the bank. 


When I returned to NYC in 1984, I had a hard time finding a burrito that came close to those I had lived on while on the west coast. Thinking others might also share my love of this style of burrito, I opened the first Harry's Burritos in 1987.  And we've been rolling our own ever since!


At Harry’s, we continually refine our menu.  So, while you’ll always find our classic crowd-pleasers, you’ll also find new and innovative items. All of our dishes contain the freshest ingredients, and are prepared fresh daily. We cook every single day for optimized freshness, and our dishes contain no lard, no animal rennet, no MSG, and no trans fats.


I recently took over the reins again at Harry’s in Nyack.  My partner Bob had been running the restaurant for a good portion of our history here, and after 15 years, he was ready for a change.  This was an opportunity for me to get back to my roots, so I decided to start rolling again.  With much help from my life partner Jodi and our new chef Antonio, I am back with new ideas.


While we’ve maintained our traditional flavors at Harry’s, we have enhanced and refined them with a renewed attention to freshness. And we are fusing together foods and flavors in new and inventive ways. In fact, many dishes and sauces contain flavors from Antonio’s home near Puebla Mexico and often these are accompanied by unexpected, but incredibly tasty, ingredients.


For example, we recently introduced Harry’s Chechenitas. These are utterly delicious, round empanadas packed with flavor.  Our Cheesesteak Chechenita and our Chicken Cheesesteak Chechenita have already become favorite new staples among customers old and new, and are now two of our biggest sellers!


Today’s Harry’s Burritos is different in many ways.  Our attention is on quality, creativity and service. Our dishes come out faster, fresher and more flavorful than ever before.


I’m aware that some have had a less than desirable experience with Harry’s in the past.  We are here now to change all that.  Give us a try.  I think you’ll enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Harry’s!


Mark M


Harry’s Burritos & Benny’s Burritos